YouTube Video Deletion: Does It Remove Dislikes Too?

However, there are times when certain videos need to be deleted due to various reasons such as copyright infringement or violation of community guidelines. But what happens to the dislikes on these deleted videos? Are they also removed along with the video?

To understand this better, let’s delve into how YouTube handles video deletion and its impact on dislikes. When a video is deleted by either the creator or YouTube itself, it no longer appears publicly on the platform. This means that users can no longer view or interact with it in any way unless they have saved a copy offline.

Now coming back to dislikes – when a video is deleted from YouTube, all associated data including likes/dislikes count is also removed from public view.

This means that if you had disliked a particular video before it was taken down, your dislike will not be visible anymore once the deletion process is complete.

However, it’s important to note that while dislikes are hidden from public view after deletion; they still exist within YouTube’s internal database for analytical purposes. These analytics help YouTube gather insights about user preferences and engagement patterns even if those metrics aren’t displayed publicly.

The decision to remove dislikes along with deleted videos makes sense considering their purpose – expressing dissatisfaction towards content creators or specific videos. If those videos are no longer available for public viewing due to policy violations or other reasons deemed unfit by YouTube standards; keeping track of their dislike counts would serve little purpose.

Moreover, removing dislikes ensures fairness in terms of content creators’ reputations and overall user experience on the platform. Imagine if someone creates malicious content intentionally targeting another individual or group only to receive numerous dislikes as feedback.

Deleting such harmful content would not only protect victims but also prevent the perpetuation of negativity through visible dislike counts.

However, it’s worth mentioning that dislikes can still have an impact on a creator’s channel even if the video is deleted. YouTube’s algorithm takes into does deleteing a youtube video remove dislikes account various factors including engagement metrics like likes and dislikes to determine the visibility and reach of a creator’s content. So, while dislikes may not be publicly visible after deletion, they could still affect a creator’s overall standing on the platform.

In conclusion, when YouTube deletes a video due to policy violations or other reasons, dislikes associated with that video are also removed from public view. This ensures fairness for both creators and users by preventing negative feedback from persisting once harmful content is taken down. However, these dislike counts continue to exist within YouTube’s internal database for analytical purposes.

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