Raise Your Glass to Cider: Celebrate at Our Bar

So, whether you’re a cider aficionado or simply curious about this delightful beverage, embarking on a cider bar adventure is a must. From the iconic Apple ciders to the diverse selection of local and international offerings, there’s a world of flavors waiting to be discovered. When it comes to crafting the perfect cider, it’s all about the craftsmanship. At our bar, we take pride in the art of cider making and the dedication it takes to create a truly exceptional beverage. From the careful selection of apples to the meticulous fermentation process, every step is crucial in achieving the perfect balance of flavors and aromas. One of the key elements of our cider craftsmanship is the selection of apples.

We work closely with local orchards to source the finest apples, ensuring that only the highest quality fruit goes into our ciders. Each variety of apple brings its own unique characteristics to the final product, whether it’s a crisp and tart Granny Smith or a sweet and aromatic Honeycrisp. By carefully blending different apple varieties, we are able to create ciders with complex and well-rounded flavors. Once the apples are harvested, the next step in our cider craftsmanship is the pressing process. We use traditional methods to extract the juice from the apples, ensuring that we capture all the natural flavors and aromas. This gentle pressing technique allows us to create ciders that are full-bodied and bursting with apple goodness.

After the pressing, the juice undergoes fermentation, which is another crucial step in our cider craftsmanship. We use a combination of wild and cultured yeasts to ferment the juice, allowing the flavors to develop and mature cider near me over time. This slow fermentation process results in ciders that are well-balanced and have a depth of flavor that is unmatched. But our cider craftsmanship doesn’t stop there. Once the fermentation is complete, we carefully age our ciders to further enhance their flavors. Some of our ciders are aged in oak barrels, which adds a subtle complexity and depth to the final product. Others are aged in stainless steel tanks to preserve their crisp and refreshing qualities.

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